Examples you can try

Real world examples

  • Market without Borders

    Maxx Ginanne is creating this wonderful marketplace. OpenSPARKL middleware functions bring Wordpress, Transferwise, Stripe and crypto together for this solution that links unbanked artisans with their customers.


  • Air Traffic Simulation

    This example shows OpenSPARKL middleware functions linking Google Voice, Apple Voice Synthesis, finite state machines, constraint logic programming and the Bluesky airspace simulator from TUDelft to provide a training environment for fledgling air traffic controllers on the approach to Dublin Airport .

    Video (3 mins)

  • Internet of things

    OpenSPARKL is lightweight and runs happily on Raspberry Pi and other small controllers. In these videos you can see how it makes physical devices work together.

    Dials and Motors Video (3 mins)

    Factory Automation Video (2 mins)

  • SDN Autonomic Network Functions

    This proof-of-concept, produced in a collaboration with Cisco, shows how OpenSPARKL can be used to define and execute autonomic functions that choreograph the interactions between self-configuring routers.

    Cisco Autonomic Functions (No commentary, 4 mins)