0. Overview

When using OpenSPARKL, bear in mind that it is a client-server system:

  1. sse - the Sequencing Engine.
    • This is the server process
    • It holds the configuration and executes workflows
  2. sparkl - the command line client
    • This is the client tool that connects to the sse
    • You use it to connect, login, manage and run processes on the sse
    • It also provides the Python sparkl library

You can also use your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) as a graphical client. This provides an alternative to using the sparkl command line client.

By following these instructions, you will

  1. Install the sse
  2. Install the sparkl command line utility
  3. Register the administrator user admin@localhost

You will then be able to manage configurations and run processes.

1. Install the Server sse

(1 minute preview)

2. Install the Client sparkl

3. Register the Administrator User admin@localhost